20 March 2010

Good Intentions

Of course, I planned on being on here a hell of a lot more often to keep folks up-to-date on proceedings here in Austin for SXSW.  At this point, I've probably forgotten more of what I would like to have posted about that I'd care to admit but that's how these things go.

One sure highlight was the AOL Spinner sponsored Rogue Wave show at Lance Armstrong's Mellow Johnny's bike shop.  Besides being a nice break from all the shit shows in dark and sticky bars, there were also plenty of free beer (Fat Tire), excellent screen printed posters and tees and of course the wonderful charming and poppy Rogue Wave.  The set list included: Stars and Stripes, Publish My Love, Sleepwalker, Solitary Gun, Good Morning, We Will Make a Song Destroy, Lake Michigan, and Permalight.

Chanced upon the excellent Carolina Chocolate Drops at the Convention Center.  We'd been trying to bring them in for Traditions in New London for the last several years and with hope we'll get them in yet.  Part raucous and uplifting jug band and party history lesson the roots of roots music, the Chocolate Drops are infectious and entertaining as all get out.  They've got a new slab out on Nonesuch which you shoud definitely grab if willing and able.

Had full intentions of seeing Superchunk post Chocolate drops (sort of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of great music from the Carolinas, donthca think?) but then on arrival quickly realized that I was definitely not the only one planning on Skipping Steps One and Three!  The line for this one wrapped a block and half around La Zone Rosa and was not gonna be in the cards for yr friendly blogger.

This did lead to a nice surprise: as I wandered away with no plan up a random side street, caught an strangely familiar voice floating our of a particularly cool looking outdoor venue/bar and I wandered in to catch Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles in full gear.  The band was ripping it up for the Paste Magazine, Sugar Hill Records, Vanguard Records showcase and the crowd was plenty pleased with what they were seeing.  A nice touch of home: shredding guitarist Lyle Brewer was sporting a Dutch Tavern tee shirt!  Sarah was followed by the cutesy girl group The Living Girls ("we like to live") and the Watson Twins.  I've got some video of the Living Girls I will post up on my return to the Northeast.

We're off to the madness again so out of time to type.  We did get to see Jacob Dylan (with Neko Case in tow), hung with Eddie Shea before one of his many many gigs supporting the Court Yard Hounds, ran into old pal Denis Mahoney just off his Black Pig gig with DJ Spooky, and much much more.  Plans to catch Dr. Dog, Demolished Thoughts (Thurston, J, and Andrew WK!!), Justin Townes Earle, Freelance Whales, Local Natives and many more today as well as hit the record convention and Flatstock for some take home goods.  Here's a shot from 6th Street for y'all!

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