28 May 2009

No One Is Laughing...

but we are very happy for new Regina Spektor material...
Laughing With

19 May 2009

The Dirt on Dirt

Thanks to Muzzle of Bees for the tip on this cool look at Levon Helm's new slab of tunes Electric Dirt the follow up to the exceedingly excellent and Grammy award winning Dirt Farmer.

16 May 2009

free for all

You gotta like a major label act giving the music directly to the fans. The money is clearly in the touring and merch these days so why not give the tunes directly to the peeps (they'll end up with them anyway in all likely hood through some P2P or other). Enter Coldplay and the LeftRightLeftRightLeft live release that is now available for all to download for free over here. It's a fun and free wheeling live recording that keeps the audience in the mix on tracks from their recent releases and the big hit "Clocks". Personally, I love hearing the crowd sing along and clap with the band in lieu of the hollow sound that most board mixed live records take on.

1 Glass of Water
2 42
3 Clocks
4 Strawberry Swing
5 The Hardest Part / Postcards From Far Away
6 Viva La Vida
7 Death Will Never Conquer
8 Fix You
9 Death And All His Friends

12 May 2009

Double Bubble

Thanks to Amrit at Stereogum for pointing us to a new Shins track from the recent flurry of shows. James Mercer is sporting a new line-up and developing new tunes for a potential new record for release in 2010 on his own label Aural Apothacary. For now , we'll have to be happy with fanshots from the front rows. Works for me!

08 May 2009

Regina Returns

We posted previously about the impending new slab o' tunes from sexy, trickster songstress Regina Spektor. Well, the first tune from the new album, Far, is now available through her myspace. Happily, she is remaining true to her strangest tendencies and the lead single, "Laughing With", is not the pop track you might expect after the hits she so easily tossed off on Begin to Hope. There's also an endearing and silly blog post that is well worth the read off to the right under the music player - it's called Far(t).

07 May 2009

Fleeting Moments

An animated video for Fleet Foxes 'Mykonos' created by Sean Pecknold (brother of lead Fox Robin):

Mykonos from Grandchildren on Vimeo.