03 December 2014

Rain Parade Demo for 'What You've Done'

Matt Piucci of Rain Parade just posted one of the groups earliest demos and its a gorgeous revelation. Check it out below. Here's his description: "One of Rain Parade's earliest recordings. Steven Roback singing (and bass?), David Roback on acoustic (maybe maracas too). Matt Piucci on electric. cant remember if the slide is David or Matt. not sure who the drummer is (michael murphy? Brian Norris?)"

02 March 2012

Arcade Fire for The Hunger Games

Super-psyched for the new Hunger Games movie out soon.  Arcade Fire have contributed a song to the T-Bone Burnett produced soundtrack (along with other pop icons you wouldn't expect to find the AF crew with including Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift) that has made its way to the interwebs.  Its a decidedly soundtracky affair (but then what Arcade Fire song isn't really?). Check it, yo:

28 April 2011

Isaac Mouse shows off his Crib (and a little new music!)

Cool tour of Isaac Brock's house featuring a little new music from the band (check out that rehearsal space), info about Glacial Pace ("Dude's got a mortgage"), and an impressive if a little creepy collection of taxidermy.  In other news Pitchfork has just revealed tweets from Outkast's Big Boi celebrating his work with Modest Mouse on their new record.  Who would athunk?