08 March 2010

Where in the World...

The MGMT hijinx ensue!!! With their new record Congratulations on its way, the pr push begins with a game of cat and mouse that will see some lucky fans who find their way to some as yet undesignated locations first rewarded with an as yet unrevealed experience.  Clues can be found at their new site and through Twitter postings. 
The rules from the site:
We will give clues to the secret location and a password on this page.
Once you figure out where the location is - GO THERE - 
you have 1 hour, first come first serve.
You will see a person holding an MGMT flag - 
go up to them and tell them the password.
If you are one of the first people to arrive - your journey starts then. 
You will need to be free for the next 2 hours.

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