30 April 2010

Hot Streaming Vinyl

Third Man Records continues to prove itself the coolest label in America today with a live stream of the new Dead Weather slab Sea of Cowards playing on a turntable at their headquarters in Nashville throughout the day on April 30.  As if that weren't enough, the band will perform the record in its entirety live and streaming on Monday May 3 from the Third Man sound stage.  Check it:

Live TV by Ustream

29 April 2010

Into the Black

Interpol have been on hiatus since their third proper studio album Our Love to Admire was received with a great deal less fanfare than anticipated considering their jump to a major label.  It might be that there just wasn't enough going on with their very singular sound to keep people interested past their excellent first two releases of dark post-punk.  Perhaps enough time has passed that people are clamoring for new tunes.  The band seem poised to return soon and have just offered up a free download of new song "Lights" (for the price of a birthday and an email).  It's classic Interpol with no frills and no surprises.  a return to form?  We'll see.


28 April 2010

I Need That Record!

Take the time to watch this excellent doc over at Pitchfork TV while you can and lament the loss of an important chunk of our American musical and cultural identity with the loss of more than 3000 independent music stores over the last decade or so and then stop downloading the latest hit off mediafire and head out to Mystic Disc and Redscroll Records and any other store that's left in the fight and start browsing and buying.  It's the right thing to do!

26 April 2010

It's Saturday Night

Congratulations certainly go out to dear MGMT for stepping out with one of the strangest follow-ups to a smash hit that we've seen in, well, just about ever.  The new record has an underpinning of Rocky Horror theatrical weirdness that's hard to shake. Frankly, you are just never quite sure of your footing with Congratulations.  To say it's challenging is simply understatement.  There are no immediate knock-out tracks here but their lead "single" Flash Delirium is sure to sneak into your sub conscience with its wily and serpentine logic.  The band hit the stage at SNL this weekend.

22 April 2010

A Perfect Pachyderm (x2)

Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley have just rolled out their new Siamese Twin tragi-comedy Evelyn Evelyn to unwitting fans.  The lead single is a double-sized Elephant that teases with its singy-songy vaudevillian turn.  The rest of the project is not surprisingly a little farther out on the darker edge of AFP's imagination and well worth the exploration if you find yourself on the dark side of life.

16 April 2010

08 April 2010

Drunk Girls Coming Soon

Wilco The Festival

Wilco have announced plans for a new festival entitled Solid Sound Festival to be held at Mass MoCA in North Adams, MA this summer.  The event will showcase not only Wilco's own estmeable talents (including all of the sundry side projects of its members including On Fillmore, The Nels Cline Singers, Pronto, and the Autumn Defense) but also feature a fully programmed comedy stage, screen printing demos, an interactive slide guitar workshop and more.

Tickets for Solid Sound Festival are on sale this Friday, April 9 through the bandʼs official website wilcoworld.net and through solidsoundfestival.com. From April 9 to May 31 tickets for the three-day event will be available for $86.50 (including all fees and parking) and after June 1 for $99.50 (including all fees and parking).


01 April 2010

And now for something completely different...

The Flash Delirium video is streaming now on MGMT's site and it's must see vidvid! Just stay away from the brown acid before hitting play: