30 November 2009

Lee is Free

Sonic Youth have seemingly always been in the forefront of my musical landscape. I've seen them too many times to count and been fortunate enough to work with a few of them on projects over the years. Always happy to hear them extol their craft as Lee does in this interview as part of the BBC's The Story of the Guitar series.

Make sure to visit the BBC site for the series for a virtual tour of the great guitarists of our day (Les Paul, Johnny Marr, Pete Townsend, The Edge, Richie Havens, Mark Knopfler, and even Jack Black!) speaking openly and lovingly about their own personal affair with the guitar.

23 November 2009

Live Neutral Milk Hotel!!!!

The Merge blog is dishing out some tasty goodness to celebrate the re-release of the Neutral Milk Hotel classics In an Aeroplane Over the Sea and Live on Avery Island on 180 gram vinyl in the form of two live videos shot at the Knitting Factory back in 1998. So good, here's my fave:

16 November 2009

Doc Ellis and the LSD No-No

I like this song, nothing's wrong...

Children are singing...

Beck's stellar Record Club just keeps getting better and better. The project has proved an enlightening exercise and proven out the possibilities of the musical community post-Major Label crappiness and demise. The tantalizing array of musicos making their way Beck-ward for these sessions is dizzying and just plain fun. This go round the crew are taking on the cult classic Oar record by Skip Spence. And what a crew it is: Wilco is on hand as is Leslie Feist and supplying the beats is James Gadson who kept time on many of the Bill Withers classics as well as songs as notable (and huge!) as Express Yourself and I Will Survive!

Record Club: Skip Spence "Little Hands" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

Got Blood?

TV on the Radio frontman Kyp Malone keeps it raucous and trippy with the teaser clip for "Give Blood" off his excellent Rain Machine solo effort. Who knew the creatures under your band could also be your backing band!

Method Acting

Monsters of Folk take their big star video turn for the catchy lead single "Say Please" off their tasty new slab.

12 November 2009

in the hood

Sesame and me turn forty this year! Happy Birthday!

Sew and Sew Sew And Sew from Wherever Wherever

Lisa Hannigan performs at in-store appearance in Denver. She quite simply has one of the most hauntingly beautiful voices around.

Going Rogue

A few years back Pat Sturgeon, drummer for the awesome Rogue Wave, was diagnosed with a failing kidney and forced to deal with the realities of that fact on his career as a musician. He also had to struggle through the process of securing a replacement for his failing organ. The heart wrenching struggle to deal was caught on film (along with some great music in support of his cause!) in the newly released documentary D Tour. You can view a trailer and other goodies over at PBS's site (they'll be airing the doc in some markets) and the full piece will be steaming through November 17 at . You can also grab a free mp3 from the soundtrack from Rogue Wave by signing up for their e-list:

05 November 2009

the future is now

When an apple falls from a tree in another galaxy, will there be a pie in the sky? Could you eat it?