02 March 2010

Grooved Pavement

Pavement launched their comeback yesterday in Auckland, New Zealand with a set that will have something for everyone (except all those nay-sayers who never got it anyway!).  The band will wind their way to US shores sooner or later but in the meantime will be getting constant feeds of fan fed sing-a-longs and shaky video teasers from the 14th row to keep us frothing like the Pavlovian mutts we are. Matador has a bunch of cheap re-issues of the catalog as well as the career spanning best of Quarantine the Past to fill out your collection in the meantime (isn't it time you got Watery, Domestic on vinyl anyway?!).

Here's the full setlist from New Zealand:
In the Mouth a Desert 
Trigger Cut 
Elevate Me Later
Shady Lane
Father to a Sister of Thought
Rattled by the Rush
Summer Babe
Kennel District
Silence Kit
Range Life
Stop Breathin'
No Life Singed Her
Fight This Generation
Date With Ikea
Box Elder
Gold Soundz
Give It A Day
Cut Your Hair
Spit on a Stranger
Conduit for Sale!
And here's proof it all went down! Range Life in all it's hand held glory!

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