11 February 2010

This is Your Brain On...

Jazz and blues legend Mose Allison is one of the smartest fellas to ever tickle the ivories.  His storytelling through song is an American treasure and the fact that he's still churning out the tunes for our enjoyment is enough to keep one's head up and smiling sublimely through this long slog of a winter.  Sir Allison has a new track ("My Brain") available for free download over at AOL's Spinner blog (no relation to the excellent Matt Gouette tune).  Catch it now before it's gone.  The track is part of a new release out on March 23 on Anti- called The Way of the World.


Track List:
01. My Brain
02. I Know You Didn't Mean It
03. Everybody Thinks You're An Angel
04. Let It Come Down
05. Modest Proposal
06. Crush
07. Some Right, Some Wrong
08. The Way Of The World
09. Ask Me Nice
10. Once In A While
11. I'm Alright
12. The New Situation

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