26 February 2010

Not Too Soon At All

Rogue Wave's new slab of airy psychedelic folk rock is due any day now and we couldn't be any happier about it!  Another clear sign of spring emerging from this never ending winter.  For those who can't wait (count us among them) Permalight is currently streaming through a special Pandora station for your listening pleasure.

Starting today, the band heads out on a 29-city tour, making stops in New York, Boston, Toronto, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and everywhere in between. Check out the entire North American tour schedule.

The band has also created video clips teasers for each of the tracks and a making of vid that are all available for viewing at Rogue Wave's site.

Permalight Tracklist: / 01 Solitary Gun / 02 Good Morning / 03 Sleepwalker / 04 Stars and Stripes / 05 Permalight / 06 Fear Itself / 07 Right With You / 08 We Will Make A Song Destroy / 09 I'll Never Leave You / 10 Per Anger / 11 You Have Boarded / 12 All That Remains

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