01 February 2010


The New London scene continues to prove itself as the most fertile musical turf in southern New England.  Other scenes may have bigger clubs or see stops from major acts on a more regular basis but when it comes to original music no small city can hold a candle to the amount of talent that olde New London town has presented over the last decade.  A brand new compilation POWERS (Cosmodemonic Telegraph) debuted this past weekend at the annual Rock Fix (part of Hygienic Art XXXI) that shows off some of those acts at their best.  It's a two-disc set featuring 28 new and unreleased tunes from the likes of Get Haunted, Fatal Film, Roadside Attractions, Straight to VHS, The Reducers, Matt Gouette, Above Below and many many more.  Check it out:

<a href="http://powers.bandcamp.com/album/cosmosingles-31">Get Haunted - Cedar Grove by Powers</a>

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