24 April 2009

Wild Clover

Prince returns with a triple album set only available at Target. Typical for the Purple One but a strange move indeed for anyone else on the planet given the state of the music industry. Where most artists are turning to one song at a time delivery systems via youtube and twitter, Prince packs a punch with a dense set of new material. Whether any of it will hold up to his greatest work (which for me hits right around Sign Of the Times) only time will tell. Chances are given his last several releases nothing will rank so high. I can't remember anything off Musicology though I did like Old Guitar off that last record (what was it called again?). Anyhoo, he's got a nice take on Crimson & Clover the classic Tommy James and the Shondells number that is also available in a psychedelic 007 meets Barry White vidvid that's worth a passing glance. Why he slips into a bit of Wild Thing is beyond me but it works just fine.

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