23 March 2009

The Noise reviews the Liz Larsons

Cosmodemonic Telegraph
Talk Like A Male Artist
13-song CD

Singer, songwriter, vocalist, and guitar player extraordinaire Liz Larson (not to be confused with the band itself, named THE Liz Larsons) sings the lyrics “I’m not gonna make it as a superstar to you” during the opening seconds of Talk Like A Male Artist and I have to admit, she is correct. However, I can also admit that her purposeful moaning really does have some legitimate punk moments. With influences from the Swirlies, Courtney Love, and the ’70s TV show Hee Haw, the Liz Larsons rock on in the face of the commercial capitalist mainstream pig. Their signature indy-rock sound takes me back to last call at T.T. the Bear’s on a Monday night (R.I.P. Jeannie; we’ll miss you). I can taste bar tequila and smell the sent of unwashed MIT students. The sound of strumming telecasters, tambourine, and claps remind me of a genre almost forgotten. The Liz Larsons’ cynicism is relentless during all 13 tracks. Liz’s voice wavers sarcastically from note to note as the band jangles and marches fearlessly onward. The Liz Larsons’ new release is a modern soundtrack for the spun-out masses. (Lance Woodward)

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