29 March 2009

Walls Come Tumbling Down

I have to admit that way back when I friggin' loved the song Jack & Diane by one John Cougar. Hell, I still love it. The string of hits that followed were some of the best stuff written in those days reflecting a raw, gritty americana that I had yet to be introduced to musically (sure there was tht .38 Special record that my aunts listened to incessantly but...). Not everything that followed was quite as inspired, R-O-C-K in the USA still makes me gag but I've always believed that Sir Cougar now simply John Mellencamp was the real deal - "little pink houses for you and me"!

Mr. Mellencamp is passionate about his causes and his business. He has recently written an excellent essay on the decline of the music industry that is worth a read over at his official site: mellencamp.com.

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