21 December 2009

New London Archives: Can Kickers - We're Dying but We Ain't Dead

The Can Kickers are a perennial favorite in New London Towne (and all over the planet as far as we can tell!)!  Kicking out the punky old time jams like no one else, the trio has toured relentlessly playing living rooms, basements, parking lots, football stadiums (well, at least football stadium parking lots) and any other venue they can stand up and get down.  The Kickers are back in town for a gig at the Oasis Pub
in New London on Saturday, December 26 where they will be joined by Brazen Hussy and 420 Blackbirds.  In the meantime, hit play and crank it up.
<a href="http://cankickers.bandcamp.com/album/were-dying-but-we-aint-dead">Hoppin' John by Can Kickers</a>

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