22 December 2009

New London Archives: Low-Beam - Charge of the Light Brigade

At long last, we are happy to announce the digital release of Low-Beam's Charge of the Light Brigade.  The New London group's magnum opus was recorded over several years with Michael Deming (Lilys, Pernice Brothers, Silver Jews) at the helm at Studio .45 in Enfield, CT.  The record has fantastic new takes on the band's classic material including Airstream, Tuffy Rhodes, Fathom, Parabellum and more.  Though the band is not currently playing live, the tunes still hold the test of time and the collection will be a much welcomed addition to anyone's catalog of the early 2000s' scene in New London.  You can stream the record below or visit the Mystic Music Archive for full downloads.  A limited edition physical release is in the works over at Cosmodemonic Telegraph.

<a href="http://low-beam.bandcamp.com/album/charge-of-the-light-brigade">AWOL by Low-Beam</a>

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