08 May 2010

A Very Cunning Linguist!

Amanda Palmer keeps her torrid creative pace as, fast on the heels of releasing the high concept Evelyn Evelyn project and venturing on an exquisite tour in support of the same (as well as freeing herself from the bounds of her contract with Roadrunner), she announces her star turn in Cabaret this fall at American Repertory Theater in Cambridge.  She is, quite simply, amazing.

From the ART website:
Take your seat at the Kit Kat Klub, the perfectly marvelous cabaret where singer Sally Bowles meets writer Cliff Bradshaw. As the two pursue a life of pleasure in Weimar Berlin, the world outside the Klub begins to splinter. Sally and Cliff are faced with a choice: abandon themselves to pleasures promised by the cabaret, or open their eyes and face the coming storm. Presiding over the debauched party where  nothing is as it seems is singer,  songwriter, and former Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer as the Kit Kat Klub's magnetic Emcee, with A.R.T. regulars Thomas Derrah and Jeremy Geidt.


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