01 October 2009

Something Great

First, Thom Yorke announces a new band to support The Eraser material and now we have word of new material and a tour from LCD Soundsystem. I love Autumn in 2009! Apparently, James Murphy just got access to the band's own Facebook page and has had a flurry of "announcements" since then:

LCD Soundsystem is currently finally getting control of this inane facebook page which we didn't even know about. boo. it's fun to be on yr heels! yay!
Tue at 4:10pm

LCD Soundsystem to respond to stuff: i think new album in march. so there. in studio as we speak (type) waiting for something to get edited and got an email that i can now access this thing. so there. thanks for the niceness, etc. blah j
Tue at 4:15pm

LCD Soundsystem will totally tour next year also. as many places as we can. places we've been to a bunch (hello, dearest glasgow!) and hopefully places we've never been (mexico? serbia? china?) with what i think will be the best version of the band yet. ... there will most likely be a single before the new year, and the new 45:33 remixes are coming out right now.
Tue at 4:33pm

LCD Soundsystem should be a certain number of free downloads of the new single when it's ready. i must say, though, that we're trying to make the vinyl include a free download, so i recommend that. mainly because we worked really hard on the art and the mastering, and we're proud of it.
Tue at 4:33pm

LCD Soundsystem the art is photos by ruvan Wijesooriya and graphics by dfa superdesigner mike vadino of bureau. the mastering for the vinyl (and digi) is by my engineer hero, original mentor, and best vinyl cutter ever, bob weston of shellac at chicago mastering. i'm honestly really excited.
Tue at 4:35pm

LCD Soundsystem record: march. tour: after.
Yesterday at 1:52am

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