09 March 2006

Sonic Reissues

Sonic Youth will be giving the super-deluxe re-release edition treatment to their debut, the self-titled "Blue" album, the classic house noize of their alter-ego Ciccone Youth's excellent 'the Whitey Album' as well as Thurston Moore's bold solo slab from 1995 'Psychic Hearts' on March 14th. The records will be re-mastered and updated with rare and live unreleased tracks. Sadly the eponymous "Blue" album won't feature in reverse as the original cassette release had! Thurston's 'Psychic Hearts' will feature a bunch of new unheard tracks on side four of the vinyl re-issue replacing the coolest vinyl scrawl you've never seen by NY hipster Rita Ackerman (who also does the albums fine cover art). The band is currently wrapping a new record for release this year (the last they'll record at their Echo Canyon/Murray Street Studio as the building has been sold). They'll also appear at Bonnaroo on June 18th.

Song list for the re-issue of 'Sonic Youth' is:

The Remastered Original Record:

1. Burning Spear
2. I Dreamed I Dream
3. She Is Not Alone
4. I Don't Want To Push It
5. The Good and the Bad

Early Live (September 18, 1981):

6. Hard Work
7. Where The Red Fern Grows
8. Burning Spear
9. Cosmopolitan Girl
10. Loud and Soft
11. Destroyer
12. She Is Not Alone

Early Studio (October, 1981):

13. Where the Red Fern Grows

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